A Golfing Getaway – Innsbrook Public Golf Course


At most public golf courses after the round, you and your buddies may hang out in the clubhouse or the bar and grill, reliving the perfect drive you had on number 11 … and then laughing about the four putt that left you with the unfortunate double bogey. After a bit, you’ll head home.

But at the Innsbrook Public Golf Course and Resort, the day doesn’t have to end at the clubhouse. You can relive the round back at the condominium with your friends before you take the family to a summer concert or to an evening of canoeing.

“It’s like going on vacation each time you pull through the gates here,” says Kevin Corn, PGA Head Golf Professional.

Innsbrook, located about 45 minutes west of St. Louis, offers a variety of activities in a vacation setting, along with condominiums for guest lodging. And included on the 7,500-acre property is an 18-hole public golf course.


Corn says the course hosts 22,000 to 24,000 golf rounds per year. And the players represent both people who drive out for the day just to play golf, as well as those who are staying at or attending a meeting at the resort and choose to play golf as an activity during their free time.

“We actually get a pretty good mix,” he says. “Players from the local area drive out for the day and play too.”

The par-70 course plays 6,527 yards from the back tees. Five sets of tees are available, with the forward tees yielding a course that plays 5,056 yards.

“It’s fun to play regardless of the skill level,” Corn says. “The superintendent and his crew have done a great job prepping the course, and it shows.”


One of the most memorable stretches of the Innsbrook course runs from holes 13 through 16, where the course’s number one, three, and five handicap holes reside. But it’s the view and layout of those holes that will stick in your mind.

“Number 13 has the lake along the fairway,” Corn says. “And then number 16, when you’re standing on the tee box, you can look at Lake Aspen in the distance. In that spot, the view from there really defines Innsbrook, at least while you’re on the course.”

Number 13 is a 522-yard par-5 from the back tees, challenging players with the water hazard along the left. Number 14 is the number one handicap hole, a 417-yard par-4 from the back tees with a slight dogleg to the right. Number 15 is a par-3 where players must play over a lake to the green, ranging in distance from 162 yards at the back tees to 102 yards at the front tees. And the gorgeous 16th hole is a 424-yard par-4 from the back tees.

“I don’t know that we have a signature hole,” Corn says. “We have a signature view really.”


Players who haven’t visited Innsbrook lately will be impressed with the updates made to the course and the resort. Two years ago, course management remodeled the Aspen Center, where conferences, weddings, and other events occur. Last year, they remodeled the clubhouse, the bar and grill, the patio deck that overlooks the 18th hole, the course’s irrigation system, and the golf shop. Further remodeling is scheduled this summer at the course.

“The course is really a primary focus with all the changes we made,” Corn says. “It hasn’t been all about improving the overall condition of the resort. We wanted to increase the playability and make it more fun for the average player.”

Corn says Innsbrook has more water on the course than most St. Louis area courses, although not all of the water is in play.

“There’s more than 100 lakes on the property, and plenty of water all around,” he says. “A good portion of the lakes are in play, although there’s quite a bit that don’t come into play. The water ties into the whole Innsbrook theme. It fits in well, especially when you think back to number 16 and the view that you see there. It’s so pretty.”


The resort’s non-golf activities make full use of the lakes that aren’t in use on the golf course. Guests can participate in canoeing, horseback riding, sailing, hiking, a lazy river, a children’s playground, and many other activities. Resort guests choose to come to Innsbrook for a variety of reasons, but Corn says many of them end up playing golf at some point.

“Sometimes they’re here for golf,” he says. “Sometimes they’re here for a family trip. Sometimes they’re here for weddings. Sometimes it’s for meetings. But when you look at the diversity of what we have to do on the property, there’s just so many different things people can do, it really broadens who can enjoy their time at Innsbrook.”

Holding a wedding at Innsbrook is a popular endeavor for guests, Corn says. The area for weddings offers Lake Aspen in the background, creating an amazing setting. Wedding guests can spend the night on the property, which is convenient.

Business meetings are common at Innsbrook too, as meeting organizers enjoy giving attendees plenty of options for enjoying their free time at the resort.


“When a group has meetings in the morning at Innsbrook, it’s not like a lot of places where there’s only one thing to do in the afternoon,” Corn says.

For those golfers not staying at the resort, Corn says the best way to make a tee time is through the course’s web site, where dynamic pricing is in effect.

Those who want to play more often can take advantage of Innsbrook’s various season pass programs. Options include weekday play annual passes, one where golfers only pay a cart fee each time they play and another one where the cart fee, greens fee, and range balls fees are all covered by the annual pass fee. Season passes that include weekend and holiday play are available for single players, couples, and families, as well as for players who prefer to walk versus having a riding cart.

For more information, check out their website at http://www.innsbrook-resort.com/golf or call 636-928-3366 ext 9203.